Sunday, June 10, 2012

Just a little family mini-golf

Oh, I have so much I want to post about our trip to Asia, but that will have to come in many parts over the next few weeks.  For now, just a quick little update on our family...

We are very happy to be back with our kids!  It was difficult to leave them for more than two weeks and be on a completely different continent.  However, we left them in the very capable and loving hands of our chaplain and his family.  Our kids had a great time with them.

Now, we are getting settled back into life in Germany and enjoying our family time when we get it. We already got our season passes to the Dinosaur park/Gartenshau for this year, so that is where we often head on Anthony's day off.  Last week, we attempted mini-golf  there for the first time with our kids.  They really had fun with it.

As we waited to get our clubs and balls, I told Masami to go over and watch someone else playing and come tell me how you play.  He is a clever kid and after just a few minutes of watching he told me, "you use your club to shoot the ball and try to get in the hole.  They aren't very good at it!"  He cracks me up!

Alethia was her usual independent self and wouldn't be told how to hold her club nor take any tips.  So, she spent a lot of time circling the hole, but was very proud when she finally made it in.

Of course, we got ice cream afterwards and hit the playground for awhile before heading home...