Thursday, September 27, 2012

Masami's First Week of Kindergarten

Last week Masami started German kindergarten. When did my baby get to be so big?! We were worried that it would take awhile for him to get used to it and enjoy it because he can be timid in new situations, but he warmed-up in no time.

This is their temporary kindergarten while they rebuild the permanent one.

We were able to find out which group (classroom) he would be in weeks before. That was nice because then everyday when we picked Alethia up from school, Masami was able to peek in and look around. He started to get familiar with the faces of other kids and of his teachers and started picking out toys that looked fun to play with. So, when his first day arrived, he was excited and ready to go.

Masami is in the Schlumpfe (Smurf) Group and Alethia is in the Gespenster (Ghost) Group.

On his first day we met with his teacher while he started playing. She is a wonderful lady with a lot of energy and speaks very little English. Thankfully, Anthony was with me to help me catch all the information we were getting in German. (He catches on so much more quickly than I do with the language stuff). When it was time to go, Masami did not want to leave and was happy for us to leave him for an hour. On his second day, he ran right to his teacher and gave her a big hug then went straight into his classroom without hesitation. He went every day for a few hours last week with no worries.

While we are allowed to send him 5 days a week, our intention is to send him only 3 because he is still so young. However, yesterday when I kept him home and Alethia left for school he got upset. He asked several times why he couldn't go to school too.

We are relieved that it is going so well and that he is enjoying it so much.

Hanging-up his backpack in his cubby.

New house shoes for school

Asleep on day three when I came to pick him up. :)

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