Saturday, May 29, 2010

Where in the States are the Amors?
Omaha & Cheyenne

I have to say that this was the first time I experienced a little “reverse culture shock” coming back to the States. As we drove across middle-America, I just so struck with how much we Americans really have. In the midst of a bad economy, we still, in general, have so much. The houses here are so big! The stores are so big and so many! There are so many choices from restaurants, to stores, to products. We are a people rich in material goods even in difficult economic times. I think we often forget how much we have.

Being Memorial Day weekend, our contacts between Wisconsin and Wyoming were out of town. However, our friend from Tennessee happened to be visiting family in Omaha, and we were able to stop and stay with them for an evening. We had such a nice time with them. The kids were able to play at a nearby playground for a bit, and they were both interested in sweet baby Theo. It was fantastic homemade food, sweet company, and a wonderful bed!

Made it to Cheyenne in less than 48 hours after landing in Milwaukee. Got to stay with our great friend and former volunteer staff in Germany. His is apparently the party house cause there was never a lack of people around. So good to catch-up and see his new world. We were so impressed at how settled and connected he is after only 6 months in Cheyenne. Such is the way of military folks! You either get connected quickly or not at all since you often only have a few years in one place. Glad he is choosing to connect and is making an impact for the Lord in the lives of those around him. We greatly miss his ministry passion in Germany, but are glad to see that God is using him somewhere else (for the time being). J We are hoping that God continues to bring him back to student ministry, but as a full-time Malachi worker.

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