Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Made it home safe and sound.  Our final day of driving went well...just long.  We crashed for the night.  Did last minute shoving of things in bags, then headed for the airport.  Of course, two of our bags were overweight.  What do you expect?  Three months in the States with two little kids...we had a lot of stuff.  I was hoping that they would balance it out with our two underweight bags, but no such luck.  We ended-up buying another duffle bag and paid for the extra luggage.  WAY cheaper than paying the $150 per bag that is overweight!  Besides that, everything went smooth at the airport. 

The kids slept for a good chunk of the flight which was nice.  As we were landing in Germany, the skies were gray and dreary and Anthony and I both gave a sigh of relief and said "that's so nice!"  I know we won't be feeling that way in another month or two.  We will be missing the sun.  However, for now, after chasing the awful heat and humidity around all summer, we are grateful for the gray skies of Germany. 

Our friend, Gary, picked us up and we loaded us into his car.  It was quite a feat stuffing two car seats, three adults,  5 suitcases, a double stroller and an endless amount of carry-on bags into a four-door compact!  But we (and all of our stuff) made it home with no problems.

It was glorious walking into our home...our beds, our couch, our space.  Now we are just trying to find our days from our nights and get settled back into life here.  Already our trip feels like a dream.

Masami fell asleep right on the floor while's the jet lag!

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