Friday, October 8, 2010


Last weekend we went to a local Kurbis (Pumpkin) Fest.  We have been going to this farm the last few has sort of become our fall tradition.  However, this is the first year that we thought ahead far enough to make sure to make it to their annual festival.

We were a little hesitant because the sky was overcast and it was sprinkling on-and-off.  We half wondered if they would cancel.  But we decided to venture out anyways and figured that at the very least we would get a nice drive out of it.  As we were on our way, we remembered that Germans do not mind the weather as much as most Americans.  Germans just throw on a few more layers, grab an umbrella, and refuse to let the weather ruin their time.  So, as we approached the farm, we were not surprised to see several fields filled with parked cars.  The place was packed.

There was an extensive farmers and crafts market that was fun to peruse.  We got a jar of "weihnachts backerei," preserves made of pumpkin, vanilla, anis and cinnamon that is Autumn in a scrumptious jam.  We also got a bottle of pumpkin wine and an artichoke blossom, as well as, a bouquet of Lampion blossoms and ivy. 

We had great eats!  Of course, we had to have a bratwurst.  But we also enjoyed this super yummy pumpkin soup, sweet corn cakes with weihnachts jam, and pork steak.  All was fresh and delicious!

After lunch, the kids climbed around the hay playground and, of course, we picked-out a couple pumpkins.  They have dozens of pumpkins in all colors and sizes.

We did not take time for the huge corn maze...we will have to make another trip this fall for that.  We had a sweet time together as a family enjoying the some of the best the season has to offer.  

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