Sunday, June 12, 2011

Alethia's First Two Dance Recitals

Alethia has been taking a ballet class since September.  It has been such a good experience for her.  She has been learning how to follow directions and developing coordination.  She has also made some friends.  One little girl, Mia, goes to her school as well, so they have become especially good friends. 

Alethia's ballet teacher, Miss Jenny, organized two recitals for all her students.  She directed a short version of Sleeping Beauty and incorporated each of the ballet classes into it.  Alethia's class were rose flowers. 

Alethia's friend, Moriah, came and watched her dance at the first recital.

Mia was her dance partner

Morgan, Ellie, Kara, and Krista came to her second performance and brought her flowers, which she was very excited about.
If you want to watch Alethia's dance, Anthony filmed it with his iphone.  This one is from the first recital and she is in the group of three middle/left.

This one is from the second recital and is a little better.  She is the third one from the right:

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