Friday, November 4, 2011

The Best 18 Euro We Ever Spent

The Gartenshau in K-town is a unique place that I have not seen the likes of anywhere else.  We have visited it from time to time over the years and the kids really liked it.  So this year we decided to get a season pass for just 18 Euro and it has been so worth it!  We went at least twice a month this summer.  The Gartenshau closed at the end of October for the year, so we will be anxious to go back when it opens back up in the spring.  I saved-up lots of photos of our many trips to "Dino-Land", so here is our photo tour of the park for you...

It is a short walk over a bridge to get into the park.  We got smart half way through the summer and started bringing the kids' bikes for this part.

First of all, there are dinosaurs!  What kid doesn't like a park full of random dinosaurs?  It starts with these smaller statues at the entrance and progresses to life-size dinosaurs throughout the park.

 And then there is the sand...what kid doesn't like to play in the sand?


The several playground areas...What kid doesn't like a good slide? 



A fort that you can climb up to

And the water playground....what kid doesn't like to play in the water?

And the creek...

one afternoon when we had friends join us

 Sometimes we get lunch...what kid doesn't like dinosaur shaped chicken tenders and a dinosaur toy with their lunch?

we have collected quite a herd of dinosaurs

The park is actually a garden center, so they always have a beautiful display of flowers.  The summer garden display was the theme of the world, so they had flower beds to represent different continents.  This fall they began a fairy tale theme with all kinds of gourds.  See if you can name the fairy tales below....

2nd, 3rd, & 4th place for biggest pumpkins

We often end our time with a little ice cream...cause what kid doesn't like ice cream?  (Well actually me when I was a kid.)  Alethia always went for the pink Hello Kitty ice cream bar.

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