Thursday, February 16, 2012

How We Celebrated

We do not usually do much to celebrate Valentine's Day mostly because Anthony's birthday falls in the same week. This year, however, our chapel sponsored a dinner for couples. How could we pass up a free dinner with friends at a cool place?!

Our friend, and single coworker, Heather, watched the kids for the evening. They love her, so it was a treat for them too. She is also one of my most fashionable friends with the added benefit of being my size, so she gladly took the role of my personal dresser for the evening. It was really fun to get dressed-up and feel pretty for a night.

We are blessed with many good friends at our chapel. So, on top of a nice meal, we had great company.

And some fun entertainment which included Anthony serenading me. You have to admit it takes some guts to pull out Boys-2-Men at a church function! :)

It was really a wonderful evening! And I even got a gorgeous bouquet of flowers from Anthony on Valentines Day. I know, I'm spoiled! ;)

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