Saturday, August 13, 2011

When Pandamania leads to Pneumonia

We spent another week volunteering at VBS at our chapel.  We had much the same roles as the previous week, but they crammed 5 mornings of VBS into 2 long days.  It went well for the most part.  The pre-schoolers that I was working with had some melt-downs in the middle of the day and several took naps.  Our kids did great.  Even though this week was a repeat for them, they still enjoyed the songs, stories, and crafts a second time around. In the week since then, it has been really fun to watch them further process what they learned and hearing them say "thank you God!" as they realize His hand in their day. 

Anthony's middle school group had a great turn-out of teens who volunteered at VBS.  Then, after the first day, they loaded-up, headed to dinner and did a scavenger hunt at the mall on base.  They all slept over at the youth building and volunteered at VBS the next day.  The teens had a great time and were a big help.  Here is a music video they made for VBS:

I guess it was all just too much for Anthony, though.  The morning after VBS was over, he woke-up with a fever and feeling sick.  After spending the weekend struggling through with no sign of his fever lessening, he went to the doctor on Monday.  Turns out...he has a pretty serious case of Pneumonia.  His blood test came back with numbers off the chart pointing to a very bad infection.  He is currently on bed-rest until Monday which will probably be extended into next week.  Please pray for a quick and full recovery!

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