Tuesday, August 2, 2011


We spent much of last week at Vacation Bible School on base. It ran from 9 to 12 each morning and had nearly 200 American military kids attending. The theme was about how God is wild about us even in the midst of the crazy chaos of this world. 

Anthony was overseeing teen volunteers, running sound, and organizing activities for the teens on two of the afternoons.  I taught pre-school bible for about 90 pre-school kids which was completely exhausting.  I don't know how teachers do it!  Kids were divided into "crews" of about 15-20 kids, so each day I taught a lesson 5 times.  Many of the lessons were quite active (like when we journeyed with Jonah in hiding from God, "swimming" after getting "thrown" from a boat and climbing through the tummy of the fish).  The most fun was when I got to teach Alethia and Masami's crew each day.

This was their first year of attending VBS.  Masami was a bit on the young side for it, but still did well.  They really got into the songs and trying to dance and do the hand motions.  They also had a great time shouting "Thank you, God" after key phrases throughout the week.  We laughed whenever Masami tried to sing one song in particular.  The line is, "He's wild, he's wild, God is wild about us" and Masami couldn't exactly say "wild".  So it came out as "wide",  "blind", or "pied".  Anyway he said it was funny because he was so excited.

We spent the weekend recovering.  Pray for us because we get to do it all over again this week!  The Army Chapel community is hosting another round of VBS for kids on the other side of town.  It'll be a bit smaller and we are cramming 5 mornings of VBS into 2 long days.  Also, Anthony is hosting a Middle School service project.  Students come serve at VBS and in the evening will get to do a scavenger hunt and have dinner together.  They will sleep over at the youth building and serve again the 2nd day. 

Needless to say...we will be laying low again next weekend!

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