Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Laternen Fest

A few weeks ago, we celebrated St. Martins day with Alethia's school.  It is an annual festivity that German children take part in.

All the children made paper lanterns at school for the celebration.  On that evening children, parents, and family members met at the school and paraded around the village...the children lighting the way with their lanterns. 

We were led by a trumpeter and made a brief stop to sing some traditional carols.

We ended-up back at the school for a short program (which, of course, was all in German).  The school yard had been strung with lights and it was a mild and beautiful evening.  Some of the older children sang for us.  Afterwards, there were brats and gluhwein and waffles for a small price. 

Our friend, Jennessa, came with us, and we had a great time.  Such a fun way to enjoy a fine Autumn evening.  It was fun too to watch Alethia interacting with her classmates.  She was so excited to see them and was searching through the crowd for certain friends.  We were able to chat with several of the other parents and get to know them a bit, which was nice too. 

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  1. How neat. Will the kids be learning German as their 2nd language, then? I wish I knew more then English! Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!