Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Presents under the tree....

Stockings "hung" with care...

Snow blanketing the trees and roofs...It has been a peaceful and merry Christmas indeed.

Alethia was the first one up.  (Thankfully it was after 8:30 since her excitement had kept her up late last night.) 

Last night we did our last night of advent, lighting the candles and reading passages of the Christmas story.  The Christmas Eve Service at Chapel was canceled due to the snow, so we enjoyed a turkey dinner, then let the kids open a couple presents to play with until bed.  Our friend, Jennessa, stayed with us, so we played a game of Carcassonne before setting out the presents under the tree and heading for bed ourselves.

This morning the kids unwrapped presents in record time...this is the first year that they both understood the concept of unwrapping.  Alethia was excited to get the "painting" (easel) that she had been asking for. 

We had a nice brunch and some more play time.

So now the kids are napping and we are enjoying some mellow adult time.  Looking forward to our prime rib dinner and hoping for some time to reflect on the importance of this day and the greatness of the gift that God gave us through Jesus.  Feeling so grateful for the many "comforts" that we have, for the richness of life that we experience, and for the many sweet relationships that we enjoy.  How precious are these moments with my husband and children!

Praying you all are enjoying a rich and meaningful holiday with your loved ones!  Merry Christmas!

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