Monday, December 6, 2010

Our Budding Artist

In Alethia's classroom at school there is a drawer for each child to store their artwork to bring home.  For the first month or so of school Alethia's drawer was mostly filled with leaves and sticks that she had collected during recess.  Then, she started bringing home stacks of paper with just a scribble on it and bits of paper that she had cut up. 

A couple weeks ago. she proudly pulled these out of her drawer:

(They are kind of hard to see.)  I was surprised that she has graduated to actually drawing people.  She must have caught some artistic bug because she has been drawing a lot lately.

Then, last week when I was working on a stocking for my niece, Alethia sat faithfully by my side working on her own project for Lucy.  She was basically just cutting-up some fabric scraps, but she thought she was sewing.  So, I cut out a paper tree for her and she decorated it with her "sewing"...

 She also came home with a Christmas decoration that she made in school:

Now she is asking for "a painting" (an easel) and "a pink sewing" (a sewing machine) for Christmas.  It is fun to see her creative side developing! 


  1. I have to say..."I love that ornament!" I would proudly hang that in my home! Great job, Alethia! Hugs from Indiana and great Aunt Kristie

  2. Can't wait for all the projects we can do next time we have both the girls together!! Lucy uses her easel every day! It's a great gift for a artistic kid! I have it right by the sewing machine so we can work together.