Sunday, April 3, 2011

Daffodils & Lilacs

Spring is blooming all around us here in Germany...trees are budding, tulips and crocus are blooming, and my eyes are itching...all evidence that spring is upon us!

My poor blog has been greatly neglected for the past month.  Out-of-town visitors, sickness, and a few projects with a deadline have all kept me from blogging regularly.  So, I have a pile-up of pictures and stories to tell you and no time to post them.  Give me another week and I will be back on-line.  Until then, these photos will have to do...

A friend is going out-of-town for a month and would miss enjoying the blooming daffodils and lilacs in her yard.  So, she very generously gave us two big handfuls of flowers to fill our apartment up with the bright colors and sweet scent of spring.  We are loving them!

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