Thursday, April 21, 2011

Happy Birthday Mom!

For my mom’s big milestone birthday this year my sister and I decided to pair our talents and make her a quilt.  I have been quilting for about 8 years now…mostly self-taught, so I’m no pro.  And my sister has really gotten into it in the last few years.  My mom has made it no secret that she wished we would make a quilt for her.  So in celebration of her 60th year we did it.  

My sister chose the pattern and made the quilt top.  The pattern is fashioned after the Tokyo subway map.  The bright colors are perfect for my mom and the theme of international travel fits her.  Little did we know that as I would quilt it, Japan would be suffering mass devastation from the earthquake and tsunami.  Many prayers were sewn right into the quilt as I worked on it.  

Once my sister was done putting together the thousands of tiny squares, creating a gorgeous quilt top, she sent it to me.  I put together the backing, quilted it by hand, and binded it.  It was a lot of work, but totally worth it and I LOVE how it turned out!  

Off in the mail it went…I nervously waited, hoping it would make it on time.  My mom received it before her big day and got to enjoy it on her vacation.  She really loves it, knowing all the thought, effort, and love that we put into it.  

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  1. Again, so much BIG thanks and gratitude for the most beautiful quilt! The hard work, hours and hours and hours of ...loving, tender symbolic creativity...a quilt of crossroads and like our family....big, colorful, going and crossing so many of each other's paths in the world...but always making time to stop, connect, renew with one another...
    and a quilt full of prayers...I like that...a quilt that holds healing. It will be used a lot at the Healing House on the Cape! Love you, Mom (Dikke's computer, again:)