Friday, May 13, 2011

Hangin' with Heather

So our new ministry partner, Heather Lite, arrived the first day of our high school spring break retreat, on April 11th, almost 5 weeks ago.  She was a total trooper working through her 9 hours of jet lag while ministering to students 24/7 that first week in country.

A few treats that Heather brought with her from the States for us

If you are at all familiar with working with the military overseas then you know that you are not a "real person" until you get your ID card.  Without an ID card you have limited base access, you cannot shop on base, you cannot get a post office box, you cannot drive, you cannot get a bank account on base, you cannot make contracts (for housing, mobile phone, etc).  In essence, you cannot get settled and begin ministry and life until you have your ID card.

Typically when a Cadence Student Ministries (CSM) worker arrives in country we take them within 24 hours to get their ID card and start the process of getting settled.  However, due to circumstances beyond our control, Heather has not yet received her ID card.  You can imagine how frustrating that would be.

Jennessa, me, & Heather (CSM friends)

In the meantime, Heather is hanging with us.  She is at the mercy of others to do just about anything.  She stayed with us for a couple weeks, but in the midst of our move she moved to another house nearby where she will stay until she is able to get a place for herself.  Despite the fact that Heather does not sleep at our house, it feels like she's living with us.  We do most of our meals with her, she has been a huge help with every step of our move, she helps out with the kids regularly, we take her to get all her shopping and errands done, and of course, she has begun ministry alongside of Anthony.  We have truly enjoyed our time with Heather!  Although is has been tough for her not being able to get settled, it has been a great bonding experience for us.

Please pray that Heather's ID card would soon be approved and processed.  Like I said, she is not a "real person" without it, and we would love to see her settled and able to focus on students as soon as possible.

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