Monday, May 16, 2011

Playing in the Petals

A couple weeks ago, in the midst of packing-up our house, we noticed that the tree across the street was raining pink petals.  So, one evening while Anthony was at work, I took the kids across the street to play in the petals.  They had a ball!  They were scooping them up in their hands and throwing them in the air.  They were making piles of petals and "drawing" in them with sticks. 

Because they were playing so close to the road, I was on car alert.  Every time I heard a car coming I'd say, "hit the wall!" and they would both jump up and put their backs on the wall away from the road.  Masami thought that was a fun game all by itself. 

It was a nice break from packing boxes and so great to see the kids smiling and giggling.

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