Monday, July 18, 2011

2nd of July Celebrations!

This was the first year in several years that we did not have the privilege of celebrating the 4th of July with my mom.  It was a bit sad not to get to be with family, but we really enjoyed the festivities on base. 

This year the fest was on the 2nd of July, so our celebration was a couple days early.  We headed over to the fest in the afternoon and made a bee-line for our favorite food tent...the Filipino booth.  They make such yummy pansat and adobo.  Once we had full tummies, we headed over to the kid area.  It was a field full of bounce houses, face painting stations, various carnival games and rides, and sumo wrestlers.  Our kids played happily for hours while we visited with the many students and friends that we ran in to.

Eventually we meandered out to the softball field and found a place to lay out to watch the fireworks with our friends, Jennessa and Heather.  The fireworks were great.  I was so proud to be surrounded by the many individuals and families that sacrifice so much to serve and protect our country as we celebrated the freedom they help to protect. 

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