Saturday, October 8, 2011

Alethia's Second Year of German Kindergarten

Alethia's first day
 Alethia started her second year of kindergarten in August.  It has been a sad start for her because several of her school friends from last year (American kids) switched to the kindergarten on base.  So she is adjusting to making new friends...mostly German kids.  She has picked up some basic German and understands instructions that her teachers give her.  However, she is such a verbal kid that it is frustrating to her to not be able to communicate at length with her classmates so she tends to give up without trying very much.  I've started taking her to a kids German class on Friday afternoons to help her learn more and gain confidence in using it.  It seems to be helping, but it will take some time before she has some good German friends.  Until then, she still has one American friend in her class that is helping her enjoy kindergarten a little more.
Her classroom
On the door of her kindergarten

Masami and I walk (ride) Alethia to school most days

And she rides her bike

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