Friday, October 7, 2011

Mittelalterliche Fest

Back in August while Anthony was laid-up on the couch sick, I took the kids and grabbed a couple girl friends and we headed out to check out the Medieval Fest.


Besides the muddy parking lot that I was afraid my van wouldn't make it out of, the festival was great!  There was great live bagpiper music, yummy festive food, and lots of crafts and culture to look at. 

Heather & Masami checkin' out some horns

Who doesn't like a good sword?

bread on a stick!...we just had to see what the hype was about


Alethia, Gin, & Masami at the bird tent

Medieval swing set?       

The weather was cool, but nice.  We got lunch, wandered around, listened to the music and then we headed back.  We did make it out of the parking lot with just one side of the van covered in mud.  All in all, a fantastic afternoon!

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