Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Another Movie Fanatic in the Making

When we started out this road trip a month ago, we found that it was much easier to entertain Alethia in the car than Masami. Alethia can play on her leapster or look at a book or color or watch a movie. Masami, to this point, can’t really do those things yet and has not been all that interested in just sitting still to watch a movie. However, all this time in the car is creating a little movie fanatic out of him after all.

It started about a week ago when every time we got into the car Masami would point at the movie screen and repeat over and over, “yeah, yeah, yeah…” Then, on our way to the movie theater, Masami said for the first time “moo-vee” and some other syllables that we realized later could be translated into “DVD”.

Yesterday, in the car on our drive up to Illinois, the kids were napping. When Masami woke-up and was starting to get bored with the toy we had given him, Anthony suggested that I put on a movie. As I started to push the DVD into the player, Masami raised his arms and shouted “Yay!” with a huge smile on his face. Anthony and I both started laughing.

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