Monday, June 21, 2010

Where in the States are the Amors?

It has been so fun being here with my sister and her family! I hadn’t seen them in two years, so my nephew and niece have grown a ton and it was so great to get to know them again. Griffin is 6 and such a good kid. He is thoughtful and friendly and fun. He and Alethia had a great time together playing house…first they were running the household together and later he was the puppy and she was his master.
Lucy is 2 and such a cutie pie. I know she has struggled with warming-up to people in some major ways, but I found her to be friendly in her own shy little way. She has a gentler spirit, but certainly knows what she likes (momma and papa being at the top of that list). She and Masami were great playing independently next to one another. And of course, she and Alethia did the girl thing and had fun playing with dolls and dress-up clothes while having matching yellow painted toe-nails (thanks to my sister).
It is so hot and humid here that it is hard to get outside much! The kids did spend an afternoon running through the sprinkler in the yard and my sister and I took her puppy for a walk each morning before the heat of the day suffocated us, but other than that we took cover indoors. My dad and step-mom came for a day to celebrate Father’s Day together. That was really nice. And we took all four kids to see the new Toy Story movie. Although it was difficult for the little ones to sit through the whole thing, we really enjoyed it. We spent the evenings, after the kids went to bed, playing eucre and eating yummy homemade desserts.
The time went too fast, but we get to see them again later this summer. I think our kids are going to go through withdrawals after playing non-stop with their cousins for 3 days. I’m just glad they get the memories together.

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