Saturday, June 19, 2010

Hitting a Wall

I have to be honest here…I have hit a wall. We are about three weeks in on this crazy summer of travel, and I am already starting to get worn. I realized this fact about a half an hour into an ongoing argument with Anthony when I couldn’t figure out what I was mad about in the first place that started this whole fight. Well, of course, I couldn’t stop now. I must have had a valid point even if I had lost sight of it. So, the useless argument continued and at some point when I took a moment to smolder some more I realized that I was just exhausted, feeling like all my friendly and gracious energy had been used up on everyone else and Anthony was the outlet for all my aggravation of not having my regular schedule and routine and personal space in place.

About this time, I started feeling nauseous. I haven’t been able to shake it for several days now. I know what you’re thinking and NO…I’m not pregnant! I think my emotional stress just often gets taken out on my tummy. Either that or I have a little bug. Either way it stinks. It is all the more difficult to be friendly and gracious and “on” (so to speak) when I just plain don’t feel good. So, pray for me and my tummy. I need to find a moment for myself each day to get centered on Christ and to be still. It is really hard to find that time with no real regular schedule and so much pulling me in every direction. All the more reason that I need it!

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