Monday, June 28, 2010

Where in the States are the Amors?
Malachi Conference

We had 4 days with just our Malachi (soon-to-be “Cadence Student Ministries”) staff before the all-Cadence conference began. It was such a joy to have all of our staff together from Japan, Germany, and the States (about 30 of us). I really enjoyed catching-up with everyone and seeing everyone fall easily into our familiar bantering and playfulness even though we rarely get to all be together. I do have to mention, though that there were a couple of holes that were noticed by all. Two of our Malachi families stayed behind in Germany due to the impending birth of their babies. They were missed!

The topic for this part of our conference was “Enduring to Win.” We talked a lot about our vision and mission in Malachi to be “a disciple-making movement of God that transforms the world by reaching and equipping military students.” We considered staggering statistics of vocational Christian workers who drop-out of ministry under less than ideal circumstances and how we can prevent this from happening to us. We also reflected on what it would look like to live in covenant with each other, committing to encourage and lift each other up, to be real and to celebrate one another.

I really love our Malachi team and so enjoy hearing their stories of God’s faithfulness in their journeys. I love being able to contemplate God’s word with them and worship the Lord with them. I love our leadership and deeply respect who they are and how God is using them.

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