Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Anthony Turns 30!

We celebrated the life of my amazing husband over the weekend.  I really wish we could have done more, but alas, life and budget restricted the planning.  So, we made the most of what we had and rang in a new decade for him with a great evening out.

A wonderful friend took the kids for us, giving us a nice long evening to enjoy.  We hit the road with a couple of friends to help us celebrate and headed to our favorite restaurant in Germany: Die Kartoffel.  They serve these awesome steaks on hot stones so you cook them yourself, then have the choice of three amazing dipping sauces.  And of course, since the restaurant is called "The Potato," you get a big baked potato drowning in the best sour cream ever.  It is a pretty fantastic experience and a very special treat for us. 

 We hit up the Eis Cafe afterwards for Choco Becher and Lattes. 

Alethia was very concerned that she would miss out on all of the celebrating...she loves to sing "Happy Birthday".  So, the next morning, the kids and I walked down to two different bakeries in our village looking for the perfect morning treat.  We made up a breakfast-in-bed tray complete with "flowers" that Alethia picked on our walk, a homemade card that the kids helped make, and croissants with a birthday candle. 

Anthony works hard in ministry and for our family!  He loves students well and is a bright light for Christ among them.  He also loves me and our children well!  He sacrifices a lot to be available to us and to love on us.  And he loves the Lord!  I feel honored to watch him over the years as he has grown in the Lord and to get to do life with him.  Thank you, Lord, for 30 years of Anthony and bless us with many, many more!  So, here's to Anthony...Cheers!

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