Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Kindergarten Birthday

On Alethia's first day back to Kindergarten after her birthday, her teacher asked me if we wanted to have a celebration in her class.  Of course I said yes.  My mind was already wandering to the cupcakes or iced cookies that we could make for it while I asked what I should bring and when.  Her teacher told me that most parents bring "bread, butter, and marmalade."  I started smiling to myself at the mistake that my mind had made in assuming that this experience would be like that of having a birthday in an American classroom.  Alethia's kindergarten has a laminated poster outside of each classroom of appropriate and healthy foods for kindergartners and, of course, cake or cookies are not on that poster. So, when I picked Alethia up from school that day, we headed to the commissary to buy her party supplies.  She must have had some kind of conversation about it with her teacher because she knew exactly what to get: bread, butter, and jam. 

Armed and ready to party!

She had a great time and came home with a specially made crown and a small kaleidoscope for a birthday present.  And yes...they sing the same birthday song as we do...in English. but with a German accent that Alethia has picked up.  :)

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