Friday, February 18, 2011


Today Anthony headed out with over 30 middle-schoolers from our ministries for our annual outreach camp, ESCAPE.  They will join almost 200 others for four days of fun and spiritual fuel.  A team of college students from our Alma Mater, Multnomah, have flown out to help facilitate camp.  Also, our soon-to-be-full-time ministry partner, Heather, flew out to meet students and help out.  She will be with us for the next two weeks, then will go back to the States to finish raising her support before joining us more long-term.  We are so excited that she has the opportunity to be here for camp!

This camp is very important for so many of our middle school students.  Often it is through these weekends that they meet Jesus personally for the first time and make significant steps of faith.  Please pray with us this weekend for our 32 students!  And please pray for our staff this weekend...



Pray for their stamina (200 middle-schoolers, not much sleep, and a lot of activity), their connection with students (some are newly involved and don't know many of the students), their sensitivity to the Spirit's leading as they facilitate small groups and meet one-on-one with students.

Thank you for empowering our ministry with your prayers!  We are so grateful to have you standing with us!

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  1. Look at us! I'm pretty sure we c-a-r-a-zy! Cause we love these kids and God :D