Tuesday, February 8, 2011

An Impromptu Haircut

Yesterday when Alethia's teacher saw me arrive to pick her up, she took Alethia's hand and walked her to meet me.  This is not usual, so it made me wonder.  In German, she explained to me that she caught Alethia and another child, Alicia, cutting their hair.  Sure enough, Alethia had cut off about 3 inches of one pigtail!

I cannot say that it came as a surprise to me.  I think just about every friend I have that has a daughter above the age of 6 has experienced this very thing.  Their child wanders off when no one's looking, comes upon a pair of scissors and decides to experiment.  And just the day before I caught Alethia cutting her pony's hair.  I had hoped that our discussion about not using scissors on anything but paper would be a little more effective. 

I have no picture to share with you because it really is not that noticeable unless you are looking for it.  Even now Alethia still does not understand the logic that you cannot cut your own hair.  So, I am just making a greater effort to hide the scissors at home and hoping that she refrains from a repeat incident at school. 

Who knows, though!  She is a pretty independent spirit and this may not be the final word on Alethia cutting her own hair!

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