Sunday, August 1, 2010

Where in the States are the Amors?

Today we met Anthony’s dad (Doug) in downtown Baltimore to spend the afternoon at the National Aquarium.  Along with Doug came Anthony’s half-sister Alexis, and step-brother Camren.  First we met for lunch where Doug’s girlfriend Cheryl joined us.  It has been a very long time since we have seen them, so it was nice to get a little caught-up and reacquainted with each other.  Then we headed off to the aquarium.  We had a built-in babysitter for Alethia in Alexis.  


Alexis kept close tabs on Alethia and soon Alethia was holding her hand and making sure to follow her.  It was quite sweet to watch the two of them together.   

 All four kids had a great time exploring the exhibits.  We saw a 4d movie about the planet.  It is one of those 3d movies with the added bonus of wind, water, and jolts in your seat.  Alethia and Masami were a little freaked-out by it, but we made it through.  Alexis was especially anxious to see the dolphins, so we also went to the dolphin show.

Masami fell asleep while we were waiting for it to start, but woke-up half-way through and looked on in wonder as the dolphins jumped out of the water.  It was so cute to watch his face and see him clapping on cue.  Alethia was especially excited to see the Jellies exhibit (as well as any other sea creature from Finding Nemo!)  She raced to each tank with her face pressed-up against the glass to view the different colored jelly-fish.  It is so fun to see our kids light-up when they see and experience new things and to watch their little faces as they process the new information. 

  All-in-all it was a great way to spend the day.  We really enjoyed the aquarium and enjoyed the company even more.  Alexis is such a sweet girl and I really wish we had more opportunities to see her.  And it was great to see Anthony’s Dad again and for the kids to get to know their grandpa for the first time.  Both kids fell asleep on the ride back, exhausted from another fun day.  Now Anthony and I just need to work in a few naps.

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  1. This was a very wonderful day! Thanks for coming up. I know your schedule was 100 miles an hour! Alethia, and Masami are so cute; and it WAS great to see Alethia, and Alexis bonding. Love you guys!