Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Where in the States are the Amors?
Tennessee (again)

view from our room
               As missionaries, we get two nights free a year at this great place called the Whitestone Country Inn in Tennessee.  This was the only two days that we have had alone as a family the entire summer.  It was beautiful!  We really enjoyed being focused on our kids and just being mellow.  We wanted to spend more time outside on the gorgeous grounds, but it was so stinking hot that we did not last long.  However, we did manage to create a little Dora-style adventure for the kids.  I marked a little map and made-up objectives for Alethia to complete at each marker. 

We went out on a paddle boat, but we were not out more than a few minutes when Alethia complained of being hot and we were all wilting, so we turned around and went back to shore. 

Then, we went “searching” for the fish food that “Swiper had taken” and fed the fish in the pond.  It was a fun little excursion.  However, I think the kids enjoyed playing in their room uninterrupted even more.  Anthony and I were playing a game in the main room of our suite and noticed that the kids had gotten awfully quiet.  When I found them, they were laying in the closet and Alethia was “reading” a story to Masami.  So sweet!

We had a relaxing time, but it really made us long for home and our own space, time, and privacy. 
               We managed to meet my dad and step-mom for a brief breakfast date.  It was nice to visit with them and say goodbye before heading west again. 
               We stayed one night outside of Knoxville at a little B&B called Majestic Mansion.  We had meant to stay there a few years ago when we were in the area because of the owners’ connection with Cadence, but did not get the chance.  Anyhow, we figured-out earlier this summer that Anthony actually knew them from his childhood days in Japan.  Now we couldn’t just drive on by without stopping!  It is a very cool old house with tons of character and fabulous hosts.  Their daughter was even there who just happens to be one of Anthony’s best friends from the early 90’s.  She even pulled out her old My Little Ponies for Alethia to play with.  Masami got to push around a play lawn mower, and I had some of the best coffee I’ve ever had.  So, it was a fun stop for all of us. 
               Now we head west until we get to Kansas, then hope to turn north to catch our flight out of Milwaukee at the end of the month.

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