Sunday, August 15, 2010

Where in the States are the Amors?
Kentucky (again)


               We got to spend another few days with my sister and her family in Kentucky.  We arrived on Griffin’s first day back in school.  It was so fun to get to hear his evaluation of his new class and teacher.  Apparently, she is great at all the teacher stuff.  While Griffin was at school, we got lots of play time with Lucy and Christi.
Auntie teaching Alethia to make Kool-Aid Pie
Play Dough fun with Uncle Bruce

               My sister and brother-in-law are some of the best cooks I know.  So, meals were fantastic.  After the kids were in bed, we talked and laughed over competitive rounds of euchre. 

The Gast Family
Again, tears were shed at our goodbye.  Alethia was not happy to have to move on again. 

               We have now hit the two week mark: two weeks until our fly date to Germany, however, we still have to be released by Cadence to go back.  Please pray that enough monthly commitments come in to allow us to go back.  We are anxious to be home!


  1. So are you saying our games of euchre were not competitive?!! -Ellen ;)

  2. Never!! Our games with you had the added bonus of "milking it"! Somehow it is just not the same when we try to do that with other people. :)