Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Where in the States are the Amors?
Lancaster, PA

We had a fantastic time in Lancaster. We arrived on Saturday evening at an old friend from high school’s house. Ellen and I, we soon did the math, hadn’t seen each other in 9 years! We have both gotten married, graduated college, moved around, and started our families since then. Her first, little Simon, is just 2 months old.

It was so great to get caught-up and get to know her hubby, Chris. Alethia was especially taken with their dog, Bernie, a big Labrador.

We spent Sunday with my grandparents. It was a nice, mellow day going to their church and then having a big meal at their retirement center. Then, we played a game of dominoes while the kids napped. Grandpa Ken quickly made the kids feel comfortable with his teasing.

On Monday evening, Ellen invited several friends over for dinner and to hear about our ministry. It was great to meet new friends with some common roots as me and to see an old friend, as well. Ellen, Aaron and I were all on Operation Barnabas together in the summer of 1997. It was really fun to see Aaron again and meet his wife and son. I got to “play” with all six of the pre-schoolers while Anthony shared about our ministry with their parents. Bernie did a good job of helping me keep the kids entertained. And when they were done with Bernie, they decided to roll down the “hill” (kids have great imaginations!) in the backyard. It had just rained, so they all got nice and wet. Our time went by fast, and before we knew it we were packing-up the car again. It was hard to say goodbye. Once again, I find myself wishing that the world wasn’t such a big place.

Masami & Simon

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  1. Nice blog post! I can't believe it's been two weeks already since you guys were here! Bernie misses the entertainment and I miss the company. Still haven't finished the puzzle but I get a piece or two here and there.
    Hope you've had a great few weeks with family. And btw we got the garage door opener yesterday - thanks! -Ellen