Saturday, July 24, 2010

Where in the States are the Amors?
Susquehanna, PA

My step-sister Kristi and her husband Kyle moved up to Northern Pennsylvania a few years ago to help out with a retreat ministry there that Kyle’s family started called The Loft.  Several family members bought plots of land next to one another to make-up the camp ground and moved onto the land to help get it all going.  They really started with nothing on the land and have had to put in tons and tons of work to live there and make it ministry ready.  They still have a lot they are hoping to do, but it is a beautiful area.  They have groups come throughout the year for retreats and events.  So, here’s my little plug for them: If you are thinking about organizing a retreat, consider The Loft in Susquehanna, Pennsylvania because this family has an incredible heart to serve and foster a fun and meaningful time for your group. 
             This was our first opportunity to go up and see Kristi and Kyle’s house and The Loft property.  It was so great to see it all and get time with them.  Their kids, Mia and Micah, made for great playmates for Alethia and Masami.  They are great kids…thoughtful, kind, silly, respectful…and Alethia fell in love with them (and their toys J).  It was the worst goodbye yet for her.  As we were getting ready to leave, she was crying and begging for them to come with us.  She gave everyone multiple hugs and kisses.

Here are a few pictures highlighting our time:
Alethia & Mia

The view from their house
Kristi & Kyle
All 4 kiddos getting ready to roast marshmallows
The Boys
Kristi & I

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