Saturday, July 17, 2010

Where’s the Lincoln Log?

While we were at our friends’ house in Ohio, Alethia got to play with their old toys. This is how she got introduced to Lincoln Logs. She really enjoyed learning how to stack them and build little towers.

This morning we decided to spend an hour sightseeing since we were so close to D.C. The Iwo Jima Marine Corp Memorial was just a short, sweaty walk from our hotel. As we were walking up to it and pointed it out to Alethia, she said “They’re catching the flag, Dadda?” We explained to her that they were actually putting it up.

From the memorial there is a good view of some of the other big monuments in D.C. Anthony and I were picking them out saying, “There’s the Washington Monument, and there’s the Lincoln Memorial and the Capital Building.” Alethia interjected, “Where’s the Lincoln log?” as she strained to find it in the distance. That gave us big grins as we explained that it wasn’t a Lincoln log, but the Lincoln Memorial.”

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